September 20th, 2006On this day in different years

Video Game Exhibit at London Science Museum

How long must games be around before they're considered worthy of historical cultural study?

About 44 years seems like a good number.

The BBC is reporting that the Science Museum in London will be hosting an exhibit next month showcasing the history of video games. The exhibit covers the birth of video gaming on the DEC PDP-1 in 1962, with the creation of Spacewar (screen shot at left), through to recent consoles and handhelds including the Nintendo DS, Xbox, and PlayStation2.

The exhibit, called Game On, will look at the science of games, as well as their cultural influences. Classics, including Spacewar, Pong, Pac-man, and Asteroids, will be available for hands-on play, along with more modern titles.
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Tivo Alert - IGDA Head Debates Game Violence Critics

Fire up the Tivo!

Jason Della Rocca, executive of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) advises that he will appear on MSNBC's morning news with host Amy Robach (left) this morning.

According to Jason, he'll be debating in five-minute segments with Blois Olson of the National Institute on Media & the Family at 9:30 EDT and later with Dr. Craig Anderson of Iowa State University at 10:30 EDT.

Topics will include video game violence and the recent Dawson College rampage. Della Rocca lives in Montreal, where the shootings took place.

Utah's Hogue Resurrects Game Bill... Hearing is Today

Despite the fact that he will be leaving public office in 90 days, Rep. David Hogue (left) isn't giving up on video game legislation.

As reported by the Deseret News, the lame-duck Republican is seeking to revive failed video game legislation in the Utah House. His bill, HB257 S01, is of the "games as porn" variety. It will be given a hearing before the legislature's Judiciary Interim Committee today.

The Hogue bill passed the House overwhelmingly early this year, but died in the Senate. It would need to be re-introduced in the next legislative session, and will require a sponsor, since Hogue will no longer be a House member. Today's hearing is an apparent effort to develop support for the bill in 2007.
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