September 9th, 2006

Are Video Games Art?

Beyond the shrill, politicized rhetoric heard in some state capitols, where, in 2006, we've been treated to such gems as "This video game is not even speech. It is a device" and "yes, games are speech, but worthless, disgusting speech", a quiet debate has been emerging on a related front.

Can video games be considered art?

Alexa Moses and Elicia Murray of the Sydney Morning Herald examined the issue recently. The journalists found those who hold that games are not art include influential movie critic Roger Ebert.
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GP on Joystiq - Prez Candidate on Second Life: Smart Move or Political Suicide?

This week's The Political Game examines the long-term political fallout from presidential hopeful Mark Warner's recent campaign stop on Second Life.

Will it help position him as a tech-savvy and youthful candidate? Or will political opponents turn his Second Life visit against him? Should politicians dabble in the gaming realm at all?

Check it out...
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Are Competitive Gamers Looking to Drugs For an Edge?

If it's good enough for Barry Bonds, it's good enough for me. At least, that's how some competitive gamers may be approaching their sport.

While the gamer stimulant of choice has traditionally been caffeine, administered via Bawls or various energy drinks, an article at Twitch Guru claims that the prescription drug Ritalin has been gaining in popularity.
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