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Anti-Bully Game Under Development

While you may have heard a thing or two about an upcoming game called Bully, you probably don't know as much about what's being called "the anti-Bully game."

As reported by GamaSutra, Edinburgh's Heriot-Watt University, in cooperation with eight other colleges, has announced development of a game designed to teach 10 to 12-year olds anti-bullying skills for the real world.

The game project is being carried out with input from teachers and students. It examines a variety of bullying scenarios and is designed to help kids learn how to best respond.
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Brits Reaffirm Support for Video Game Industry

Despite recent bad press over Reservoir Dogs and Bully - or should we say Canis Canem Edit - a British politician has given assurances that the government there stands behind the U.K. game industry.

As reported by, Shaun Woodward, Minister for Creative Industries and Tourism, said, "I think it's terribly important that one or two things don't spoil the barrel for everybody else, because this is an exceptional industry with exceptional talent. It fulfills and plays an important role in our society, and a very constructive role in the lives of many young people, as well as middle-aged people like myself."

Woodward made his remarks during a speech delivered at the British Academy of Television and Film Arts (BAFTA). The minister referred to the games biz as "one of our most important creative industries, and one at which the U.K. excels."
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Video of Presidential Candidate's Second Life Whistle Stop

Last week, presidential hopeful Mark Warner (D) wowed online gamers in a way that even WoW itself never has.

The former Virginia governor's ground-breaking visit to the popular MMO Second Life could be the first of many such appearances by politicians. Indeed, Warner himself will make a return trip to SL for a "virtual town hall" meeting in the fall.

GP has been hoping for some video of the event, and now we've got two for readers to check out. In the first clip Gov. Warner flies onstage - a trick even presidents can't pull off in real life.

Second Lifer Rik Riel has video of Warner being interviewed by journo Wagner James Au.

Washington Post Dishes on the Silly Side of Warner Second Life Visit

While much of the reaction - at least in the game community - to presidential hopeful Mark Warner's Second Life visit has been positive, there's undeniably room to poke fun.

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank doesn't miss the chance in a witty piece titled Do You Have a Question, Pixeleen Minstral?. Milbank notes the confusion among reporters and Warner staffers in attendance - Second Life noobs for the most part:

"...the trouble began immediately for the Luddite staffers and reporters... They could not figure out how to make their characters, with names such as Shorewarz Zon and Pixeleen Minstral, take seats."
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