September 2nd, 2006

Video Game Industry Moves For Summary Judgment in Oklahoma

Another busy week in the world of video games and politics...

Almost lost in the hoopla surrounding presidential hopeful Mark Warner's very cool Second Life campaign stop and the ongoing Bully controversy was news from Oklahoma that the ESA and EMA are seeking to have the Sooner State's law thrown out of court.

On Wednesday video game industry attorneys filed a motion for summary judgment with Judge Robin Cauthron.

Among other claims, the 25-page document maintains that Oklahoma's video game law is unconstitutionally vague, is not narrowly tailored and lacks a rational basis. The industry also submitted to the Federal Court a copy of Judge James Brady's recent preliminary injunction order blocking Louisiana's video game law.

GP readers can grab the industry's Oklahoma brief here in PDF format.

Louisiana Attorney General to Jack Thompson: "Put Up or Shut Up"

The strange, contentious situation surrounding the legal defense of Louisiana's video game law has gotten even stranger and more contentious.

Yesterday, Miami attorney Jack Thompson (left) forwarded to GamePolitics a pair of e-mails. The first was from Deputy Louisiana Attorney General Burton Guidry to Thompson, sent late Wednesday afternoon:

"Ok Mr. Thompson, put up or shut up. I need affidavits and other documentation to defeat a motion for summary judgment. If you really want to help just get me the affidavits and some scientific data that can defeat this motion as soon as possible. Time is of the essence since [the game industry's motion] has been filed today. I need the information by Monday in my hands for filing. Can you and will you?"

Guidry is referring to the video game industry's motion for summary judgment, filed with Federal Judge James Brady's court earlier that day.
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