August 27th, 2006

Video Game Filmmaker Uwe Boll Ready to Beat Down Critics

Playing violent video games may not make children physically violent but reading harsh film reviews of horrible video game adaptations might have that effect on filmmakers.

Perhaps you heard a while back that Uwe Boll, director of universally-panned video game films House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark and Bloodrayne had issued a challenge to his critics - a boxing match. Yep, in an industry first, an auteur is endeavoring to beat some artistic appreciation into his detractors.

"Put up or shut up!" said Boll in a press release last June. "I'm fed up with people slamming my films on the Internet without seeing them. Many journalists make value judgments on my films based on the opinions of one or two thousand Internet voices. Half of those opinions come from people who've never watched my films."
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Editorial Roundup: In Defense of Harvard, Jeers for Illinois Guv

One of Net's most respected tech news blogs rises to the defense of Harvard researcher Kim Thompson (left). Good Morning Silicon Valley examined game critic Aaron Stanton's recent attack on Thompson's work and found it wanting.

"...there's some legitimate research being done on the potential effects of violent video games on young minds. But it's not surprising when isolated nuggets are seized upon and thrown into the grinder of the debate. Thus we see the work of Dr. Kimberly Thompson of the Harvard School of Public Health used as a punching bag one day and turned into a bit of snark about "ultra-violent Pac-Man" the next. But to its credit, Joystiq followed up with the good doctor, giving her space to explain some of the nuances of her work. And Thompson makes it clear that thinking seriously about this stuff is not child's play..."

The Herald-Review of Decatur, Illinois takes Gov. Rod Blagojevich to task for the half-million bucks in legal fees which the state must reimburse to the video game industry in the wake of its video game law being ruled unconstitutional:

"Remember the big media splash Gov. Rod Blagojevich made when he announced legislation that would ban the sale of violent and sexually oriented video games to young people? Well, the bill on that little media spotlight is beginning to come due.
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