August 26th, 2006

Louisiana Press Covers Video Game Law Setback

Louisiana newspapers are providing additional coverage to the stinging judicial rebuke which a federal judge administered to the state's controversial video game law on Thursday evening.

An AP report out of Baton Rouge quotes Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (pictured) on the judicial reversal:

"I'm calling on all parents to diligently monitor the video games that their children are allowed to play. If the courts can not protect our children, then we need to do it by rejecting the merchant of violence," she said.

The Advocate spoke with a disappointed Rep. Roy Burrell (D), sponsor of the bill.

"If you can train a military-type person using these video games, you can do it to kids," Burrell told the newspaper. He added that courts aren't yet ready to accept that premise.

GP: Maybe the court would pay more attention if Burrell provided some, you know, evidence, rather than the nonsense he put forth during the legislative debate on the bill. Just a thought. Judge Brady took note of this as well when he wrote in Thursday's ruling:

"The evidence that was submitted to the legislature in connection with the bill that became the statute is sparse and could hardly be called in any sense reliable. Much of the 'evidece' presented consisted of newspaper articles on the evils of video games..."
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One Year After Hot Coffee, Game Developers Are Cautious

Not surprisingly, the fallout over last year's Hot Coffee scandal has made game developers a bit gun shy when it comes to edgy content.

MTV's Stephen Totilo has an excellent recap of the situation. Among the highlights:

Chris Taylor (pictured), Gas Powered Games: "I don't think it's chilling anyone's creativity, but it probably is making designers think twice before moving ahead with violent or edgy games, because they might have a harder time getting them funded."
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