August 24th, 2006

Racism Concerns Lead to Cancellation of "Cowboys & Indians" Project

Not long ago GamePolitics and other sites reported on allegations of racist images in the upcoming PSP game LocoRoco. Reactions to the racism charges were varied. Some GP readers wondered if game publishers would be required to ensure their imagery was not offensive across a wide range of cultures.

While LocoRoco was a high profile gaffe, amateur game designers are beginning to face up to similar questions. As reported by The Eastern Door, a website serving the Mohawk community of Kahnawake, Quebec, students in a Swedish game design course recently pulled a project, Mohawk Mayhem: When Apaches Attack, from their blog site.
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Bully Info Starting to Flow

It's the most vilified game that no one has ever seen.

We're talking about Bully, of course, Rockstar's controversial title scheduled for October 17th release. As we edge closer to the game's launch, Rockstar is beginning to pull the curtain back a bit.

A new Bully trailer showed up on YouTube yesterday and logged over 300,000 viewings.

The brand-new edition of Game Informer has a cover story on Bully, with some revealing insights. For example, Rockstar producer Devin Winterbottom tells GI, "It's not Grand Theft Auto in a school, which is really the most baseline thing people think about it."
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