August 22nd, 2006

NPR Segment Reports on Strategy Guides

Cheating at games?

It's become an officially-sanctioned, $100 million business. At least, that's the conclusion of NPR's business program, Marketplace, which aired a segment on game strategy guides yesterday.

The show points out that the Halo 2 guide, released about the same time as Bill Clinton's autobiography, nearly outsold the ex-president despite a complete lack of oddly-employed cigars or stained blue dresses.

David Hodgson, a writer who makes a full-time living penning strategy guides, likened the books to "a travel guide for a place that doesn't exist."
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Protest March at Take-Two HQ ??

Controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson has indicated that there will be a demonstration, apparently against the upcoming release of Bully, this Friday outside Take-Two Interactive's Manhattan HQ.

According to a terse e-mail from the activist lawyer, the protest will be staged by " a group of children protesting Take-Two's targeting of kids with their adult entertainment."

Thompson, who cc'd Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau on the message, did not respond to GP's e-mail request for more information. As reported previously by GamePolitics, Morgenthau' office is conducting a grand jury investigation into Take-Two.
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