August 16th, 2006

Zombie Shooter Dead Rising Staggered by International Censors

Pity the poor zombie.

The living dead just can't seem to get much love these days, at least not on the international scene.

Capcom's newly-released Dead Rising was refused classification - effectively banned - in Germany. And, according to various reports will likely be censored in Japan as well.

Those plucky Brits, however, seem to have no fear of a zombie infestation. At least, that's the word from, which reports that the British Board of Film Classification has granted Dead Rising an 18-rating, allowing it to go on sale in the UK to buyers 18 and older.
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Louisiana's OTHER Video Game Law Takes Effect Today

As of today, a new Louisiana law goes into effect making it illegal to distribute sexually explicit video games to minors.

While in theory that is a good thing, the reality is that there aren't any sexually-explicit games available, at least none distributed by the game publishers and retailers generally thought of as the "video game industry."
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Jack Thompson Files Suit To Stop Bully, Claims Victory

Like many gamers, controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson is hoping for a sneak peek at Bully.

Thompson's interest in the much-discussed game however, is hardly that of a fan.

In a lengthy, rambling suit filed earlier today with the Miami-Dade Circuit Court, Thompson has demanded that publisher Take-Two Interactive supply him with a copy of Bully "so that its content can be fairly assessed by someone, prior to its commercial release, other than a) a hand-picked member of the media and b) the ESRB with its history of, at best, ineptitude in analyzing the content of Take-Two products... If Bully is indeed safe for children's play, then petitioner (Thompson) will be the first to say so."

The request that a game publisher supply a multi-million dollar development project to an outside source for evaluation is unprecedented, and is certain be turned down, if not ignored completely. Attorneys for Take-Two will no doubt move for a dismissal of Thompson's suit.
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