August 14th, 2006

Bully Boycott Urged in New Zealand

A psychotherapist in Tauranga, New Zealand is calling for a boycott of Rockstar's upcoming Bully.

As reported by the Bay of Plenty Times, Augustina Driessens fears that the as-yet-unrated game will provoke youth violence.

"They [children] will go and get this video game and they'll all go and watch it and what will we get? More violence," she said.

"They're already beating old people up and it's not even safe to walk in the street anymore, so it has to go back to the parents. It's not good, it's terrible. Let the parents take responsibility and teach them bullying is not acceptable. What's the matter with these people?"

An official at Tauranga Boys' College, Rob Naumann, compared Bully to another demonized game, Dungeons & Dragons:
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Game Industry Analyst Has Low Expectations For Bully

While everyone seems to be buzzing about Bully of late, at least one respected financial analyst thinks sales of the game won't match the hype. Bully is scheduled for October release on the PS2.

Michael Pachter, who covers the video game industry for Wedbush Morgan, told Red Herring, "I think it sounds like a dopey game. But I've always thought that."

Pachter explained that video games generally fall into categories, and added that titles like Grand Theft Auto, World of Warcraft and Halo are "escapist" and "aspirational."

"I don't see how Bully is aspirational for anyone but 14-year-olds," Pachter said. "I don't get how this is going to resonate with (Rockstar's) constituency."

Pachter made similar comments to GamePolitics last summer. At the time, Pachter said, "Bully will be a stupid game, and will rock in England. Doubt it sells well in the U.S."