August 7th, 2006

Bush's Controversial Backrub - Now It's a Game

Unlike his hotly-debated decisions on Iraq and stem cell research, the unexpected back rub President George W. Bush gave to German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently is little more than an odd historical footnote.

But that never stopped parody game makers from taking comic advantage.

Bush Backrub lampoons the Prez's recent faux pas by challenging him to use backrubs to keep three world leaders at the negotiating table.
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Suddenly, Jack Thompson is Feuding With Former Louisiana Allies

Controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson appears to be burning bridges in Louisiana, the state where he has enjoyed the most success to date in his long-standing crusade against violent video games.

A series of e-mails forwarded to GamePolitics by Thompson detail a rapidly deteriorating relationship with the office of Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti. Foti is a named defendant in ESA/EMA vs. Foti, the video game industry's constitutional challenge to the state's recently-passed video game law.
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