August 6th, 2006

Editorial Roundup: Yee & the PSP, MN Decision Hailed; Games & Aggression

Grab a coffee, it's time once again for GP's Sunday review of editorials...

First we turn to Inside Bay Area, where columnist Tom Leupold takes on California Assembly Speaker Leland Yee:

"...there are better things Yee could be doing in California with his time, rather than being the European ad police."
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E3 Cancellation - What the Little Fish Were Told

If you were Larry Probst, CEO of Electronic Arts, the news about E3's shift to a more "intimate" format might well have been delivered to your palatial estate by a very proper English butler carrying a silver tray bearing a personal note from Doug Lowenstein.

But then again, Probst didn't need to be told. In fact, it's a good bet that he dictated the change to Lowenstein. From news reports, it's pretty clear that EA wanted E3 dead - the glitzy, panoramic E3 we had come to know and love, anyway.
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