August 5th, 2006

No Bully on Xbox?

Total Video Games is reporting that Rockstar has opted not to publish its upcoming Bully on the Xbox.

If true, the controversial game will be a PS2 exclusive. As explained by TVG, the cancellation fits in with an industry trend to scale down Xbox game development efforts. Makes sense, nearly a year into the life cycle of the Xbox 360, successor to the original Xbox.

Since the decision was made by Rockstar, the cancellation of the Xbox version of Bully would appear to have nothing at all to do with an ultimatum issued to Microsoft's Bill Gates by Miami Attorney Jack Thompson about this time last year. Thompson, of course, has been the planet's most vocal critic of Bully for some time. Here's the text of his August, 2005 letter to the World's Richest Man:

Dear Mr. Gates:

You have fifty-four (54) days in which to stop the release of Bully on XBox.
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Tax Incentive For Game Developers Fails in North Carolina

When State Sen. Julia Boseman's video game legislation died with the recent conclusion of North Carolina's legislative session, most in the gaming community hailed it as a positive development.

The demise of another bill in the Tarheel State will be less celebrated, however.

H2157, a tax incentive for video game developers, failed to move beyond the Finance Committee of the North Carolina House.

As originally reported by GamePolitics, H2157 was introduced in May by State Rep. Pryor Gibson (D, seen at left). The bill would have provided 15% tax credits to developers. North Carolina has a substantial game development community, headlined by Epic Games, the company behind the Unreal series as well as the much-anticipated Gears of War for Xbox 360.