August 3rd, 2006

Manitoba Wants to Lure Game Developers with Incentives

Manitoba, one of the first Canadian provinces to propose adding video games to a list of restricted media, has recently been trying to woo video game developers to the former postage stamp province.

The Toronto Star reports that Manitoba's New Media Production Grant (NMPG) program will provide stipends for up to 45% of labor costs when at least 25% of those costs are incurred within the province.
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North Carolina Video Game Bill is Dead

A two-year struggle by State Sen. Julia Boseman to pass video game legislation in North Carolina has quietly failed.

Boseman's bill, S2, appeared to be on the fast track to passage in mid-2005. However, the measure, which would have prevented underage buyers from purchasing violent games deemed "harmful to minors", stalled in a North Carolina House committee after cruising through the State Senate in April of last year.

GamePolitics checked with Sen. Boseman's staff earlier this year and learned that the New Hanover Democrat still held out hope for S2's passage. However, the bill failed to move. North Carolina's legislative session ended earlier this week, thus rendering S2 dead.

Through a staff member, Sen. Boseman confirmed yesterday that she plans to revive the measure in next year's session - if she is re-elected. Boseman will be opposed in November by Republican Al Roseman in what is expected to be a hard-fought electoral battle.