August 1st, 2006

L.A. To Take Extreme Financial Hit in E3's Extreme Make-over

Cabbies, booth babes and hoteliers are just some of the many Los Angelinos who will be feeling the economic fallout from E3's sudden demise.

As reported in today's Los Angeles Times, E3 brought $19 million into the local economy. The ESA's decision to kill off the extravaganza caught L.A. officials by surprise.

"It's not good news," said Michael Collins, of the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau. "There is no question that we are going to feel the loss of 36,000 room nights, certainly in '07 and '08."

Despite Judicial Rebuke, MN Bill Sponsor Wants to Try Again

Even though a Federal District Court judge trashed Minnesota's video game law in a sharply-worded ruling yesterday, one of the sponsors of the legislation is ready to try again.

As reported by the St. Paul Pioneer-Press, State Sen. Sandy Pappas (D, seen at left) may propose new video game legislation in next year's session.

"The whole ruling defied common sense. I am so disappointed," she told the Pioneer-Press.

"The federal court said we don't have a right to protect our children, but we protect our children from other things. We don't let them smoke or buy liquor. You score points (in video games) for how many women you rape, how many cops you kill. How could that not affect them psychologically?"

GP: The ruling by Judge James Rosenbaum said nothing of the sort. Sen. Pappas is clearly politicking here. And by the way, we'd like to know where she gets her information about games. Is there a game that awards points for raping women? If so, GP hasn't seen it...
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