July 26th, 2006

Parody Games Not Kind to Former Brit P.M. Maggie Thatcher

Psst! Hey kid, over here!

I can tell by looking at you that you're the kind of gamer who is bored with the same old thing. Halo, GTA, Legend of Zelda - child's play. You're craving the hard stuff. The kind of plain-brown-wrapper game you just can't find at your local Wal-Mart. You're looking for Margaret Thatcher games.

Don't look so surprised. Reading people is my business and Thatcher curiosity is written all over your face. One of the most notable British politicians in recent history, Thatcher's economic reforms and tough stances on social issues have earned her an equal number of supporters and detractors over the years. The detractors, however, seem to be the ones creating all of the Thatcher-based games.
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Game-Legislating Politician Loses Big in Oklahoma Primary

Video game legislation paid off for Oklahoma Rep. Fred Morgan - not.

Morgan, the driving force behind Oklahoma's video game violence law, lost big - BIG - in yesterday's Oklahoma primaries. With his days in the Oklahoma House of Representatives coming to a close due to term limits, Morgan decided to throw his hat into the ring for a seat in Congress from Oklahoma's 5th District.

His campaign didn't do especially well at fund-raising, however, and fared even worse at the polls. Morgan came in 5th among six Republican candidates, attracting an anemic 9% of the primary vote.

Although Morgan touted his video game bill on his campaign's website, the issue and/or the candidate apparently failed to resonate with Oklahoma's Republican voters.

The state's video game law remains the subject of a lawsuit brought by the video game industry.

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The next game - legislating politician facing a major primary challenge is Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman. And his campaign has major problems as well.