July 23rd, 2006

Jimmy Hoffa Game Disappears

From the "What were they thinking?" file comes this gem:

Spirit Airlines, a discount flyer based in Miramar, Florida, has removed an online game called "The Hunt for Hoffa" from its website. As reported by the Associated Press, Spirit launched the game last Tuesday, but made it disappear after receiving complaints about the Hoffa parody in which players dug up various sections of a Michigan farm in a search for the missing Teamster's Union president.

Hoffa vanished on July 30th 1975. His disappearance remains unsolved, although theories abound as to the whereabouts of his remains

"We never set out to offend anybody," said Spirit's Lynne Koreman. "It was done all in good fun and topical humor. We got a couple of dozen complaints. Some people thought it was in bad taste."
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