July 18th, 2006

Video Blogging the Games vs. Crime Debate

Yesterday's re-hash of Duke Ferris' well-known comparison of video game sales vs. U.S. crime rates provoked a lively discussion here on GamePolitics.

In the same vein, click here for a short video blog created by Adam Roberts, seen at left in a screen capture from the film. Roberts is a University of Arksansas student who runs The Metropolis Times website.

His take on the issue?

"We need to stop scapegoating video games and focus on the real problems in this country."

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Will British Law Hamstring Wii Online Service?

Perhaps we (wii?) should protest a British government directive aimed at reducing energy consumption since it may have an adverse effect on Nintendo's forthcoming online service, WiiConnect24.

The government mandate seeks to make electrical appliances more energy efficient - and this includes eliminating "standby" features, wherein equipment sits dormant in a low-power state when not in use.

Credit Brit video game Club Skill with uncovering this one. The editorial team there have put two-and-two together, realising that many of WiiConnect24's benefits may be negated by the energy directive.
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