July 16th, 2006

Sunday Editorial Roundup: Hillary's Other Bill & Minnesota Fine-the-Buyer Law

This Sunday's editorial roundup focuses on legislative happenings in Minnesota and Washington, D.C.

In the Gopher State, the video game industry has filed suit to block implementation of a new state law that would fine underage game buyers $25. On Capitol Hill, the Senate is considering Hillary Clinton's Family Entertainment Protection Act (FEPA).

Let's start with the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune, where columnist John Reinan writes, "The Legislature wanted to protect Minnesota kids from violent, sex-filled video games. So it went after the kids... Even the law's chief sponsor thinks it won't be enforced. But... the game business fought back with the fury of a mutant zombie in Resident Evil... Video games are as much a part of today's childhood as hi-fis and comic books were in previous generations, and it's doubtful that kids are being warped by them, said several metro teens."

The Mankato Free Press was critical of the Minnesota statute, saying "The law is almost certain to be overturned. It should be... Game makers and retailers... argue the law is an unconstitutional restriction of free speech and that video games are as much an artistic expression as film, music and literature. It's a good argument, and one that is presiding in court cases across the country.
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