July 9th, 2006

Just Gotta Go To E3 Next Year? GP's Eisen Offers Advice for 1st-timers

So, you want to go to E3, eh?

Of course you do.

Who wouldn't want to attend the game industry's largest yearly event? New games! Sexy babes! Earsplitting noise! Three-hour lines! As long as you don't suffer from claustrophobia or epileptic seizures, you'll have a good time. Ah, but will you have a great time? Here's some useful advice for the E3 novice.

Getting in. The ESA is making it more and more difficult to attend E3 if you don't work in the industry or for a legitimate news outlet. Oddly enough, by the show's strict standards, GamePolitics doesn't quite qualify as media, so how did I get into E3 2006?

Ryan Sharpe of Get-Well Gamers informed me that as an exhibitor, he had a few extra passes but unfortunately had given them all away. So, I emailed a GP-friendly game developer who managed to score me an industry invite. Armed with newly-printed GamePolitics business cards, copies of a few of my GP articles, and a smile that makes the ladies swoon, I was able to successfully register.

(Tip: Avoid killer registration lines by picking up your E3 badge the day before the show actually opens. You will save yourself hours.)
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Editorial Roundup: Psychiatrist Calls Video Game Laws "Lunacy"

It's Sunday, and once again GP has scoured the far corners of the Internet to bring you editorial opinions on the politics of video games. Today's journey takes us - once again - to Louisiana, where the fate of the infamous Jack Thompson video game law now rests in the hands of a Federal District Court judge.

Dr. Jerald Block, an Oregon psychiatrist and expert on the impact of technology on people - as well as an occasional GP reader - pens an op-ed for the Shreveport Times in which he terms video game laws "sheer lunacy." More from Dr. Block:

"Here in Louisiana, a federal court is examining one such law that could penalize cashiers $2,000 and lock them up for a year in prison, doing hard labor..."

"These laws are nuts on so many levels. To start with, no one has any idea which games are off-limits... Applying a strict reading of Louisiana's law, you can earn jail time by selling "Pac Man" to a 17-year-old..."
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