July 6th, 2006

President Bush Gets Brain Training Courtesy of Nintendo

Kotaku is reporting - and a Nintendo rep has confirmed for GamePolitics - that Nintendo of America sent President George W. Bush a gift for his 60th birthday, which is today.

The prez was comped by NOA with a DS Lite as well as a copy of popular DS title Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day. So how will the gift be recorded in the Federal Registry?

Nintendo DS Lite - $129.99

Brain Age game - $19.99

Avoiding wars based on false WMD info - priceless

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Louisiana Pols Lining Up to Voice Support for Jack Thompson Video Game Law

For a law that seems very likely to be enjoined by a Federal judge, perhaps as early as this week, Louisiana's new video game statute has some powerful - and vocal - supporters.

As recently reported by GamePolitics, Louisiana's Attorney General Charles Foti has vowed to appeal the state's video game law to the U.S. Supreme Court should it be overturned on constitutional grounds by Federal District Court Judge James Brady.

Now comes word that State Senator Mike Michot (R) wants to see another video game bill in next year's session should the current law be struck down.
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Gamer Turned Terrorist Had Radical Leanings Even Before 9/11

Earlier this week, GamePolitics and other game news sites picked up on the story of Zakaria Amara, a one-time gamer turned jihadist.

Amara was arrested in June by Canadian authorities and charged with planning bombings in the Toronto area. According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police website, Amara and more than a dozen terror cell associates had assembled three tons of ammonium nitrate, triple the amount used in the devastating 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City.

How does a teenage gamer transfrom into a terror suspect? Reports in both the Halifax Chronicle-Herald as well as the Wikipedia seem to lay much of the blame for Amara's dangerous metamorphosis on his 2004 marriage to Nara, a woman with extreme Islamist views.

But GamePolitics has turned up message board postings by Amara which predate the 9/11 attacks and show that the young man harbored strong pro-Islamist political sentiments years before his recent arrest by the RCMP.
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Columbine Diaries Contain Video Game References

Just-released diaries and assorted papers of Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold contain a handful of video game references among the 946 pages made public today by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

Of the planned massacre, Harris wrote, "It'll be like the LA riots, the Oklahoma bombing, WWII, Vietnam, Duke and Doom all mixed together. ... I want to leave a lasting impression on the world."

id Software's Doom series is well-known as a favorite of Harris and Klebold. The "Duke" reference refers to Duke Nukem 3D, a bawdy, 1996 first-person shooter from developer 3D Realms.

Note the hand-drawn Doom logo in Harris' diary at left. The complete diaries are available on the website of the Denver Post. A reference in Harris' diary written about a year before the Columbine shootings reads:

"...everyone should be put to a test. an Ultimate Doom test. see who (unreadable) an environment using only smarts and military skills... Put them in a Doom world, no authority, no refuge, no BS copout excuses. If you can't figure out the area of a triangle or what (unreadable) means, you die! If you can't take down a demon w/a chainsaw or a hell prince w/a shotgun, you die!"
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