July 4th, 2006

3rd World Farmer Game Explores Poverty in Africa

If you think the Harvest Moon series could benefit from a bit more death, misery, and an all-encompassing sense of hopelessness, then this 2005 student project from the IT University of Copenhagen is right up your alley.

3rd World Farmer challenges players to keep themselves and their families alive while managing a farm in poverty and conflict-stricken Africa. Make every dollar count as you plant your crops for the year and hope for a good harvest. If fortune smiles upon you, maybe you'll have earned enough money to buy a shovel but don't get too cocky, since the word "stability" isn't even in the dictionary where you live. Droughts can destroy your crops, disease can kill your livestock, civil wars can expose your farm to plundering from both sides, and falling market prices can render your goods worthless.
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Common Sense Prevails Among Brits in PSP Ad Dust-up

Offensive and unsuitable for children! Encourages the objectification of women!

No, it's not the games this time, but instead the advertisements, reports Eurogamer.

GamePolitics readers may recall that some members of the Great British public took offense at Sony's billboard advertising campaign for the PSP earlier this year. Complaints were heard in some quarters that advertising slogans such as "Strong language and scenes of a sexual nature here" were inappropriate, particularly when posted near schools or churches.

Other contentious PSP slogans included in the campaign included "Your Girlfriend's White Bits Here," "Saucy emails won't get you fired here" and "Take A Running Jump Here", which, when posted in a subway station, was deemed by some as irresponsible.
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