July 3rd, 2006

Canadian Man Stops Playing Halo, Becomes A Terrorist

When he was enjoying Halo, Zakaria Amara was just a normal young adult male, according to a report in the Chronicle-Herald (Nova Scotia).

It was only after marrying a zealous Islamic woman that Amara stopped playing video games, denouncing them, in fact. He also stopped watching T.V. and going to the movies. Instead, according to Canadian authorities, Amara joined a homegrown terror cell and helped plot truck bombings. Fortunately, the group was arrested before any of their deadly plans came to fruition.

Some of Amara's thoughts on games, as documented by the Globe and Mail include:

"Why do you want to destroy yourself with useless things? Life is to short, if you don't act, work and behave now, then life will fly like an arrow."
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