June 25th, 2006

Take-Two's Cancellation of Drug Dealing Game a Snow Brainer

From Manhunt to Grand Theft Auto to State of Emergency to Bully, Take-Two Interactive is no stranger to publishing controversial games that push both political and parental buttons.

So when 2K Games quietly shelves development of a PC strategy title in which the player manages an international drug smuggling operation, you have to wonder, has parent corporation Take-Two, long the industry's wild child, decided to tone its act down?

CNN: Money's Chris Morris recently reported that 2K Games quietly canceled Snow, a PC-only title in which players seek to advance from small-time pot dealer to drug kingpin.

Although Take-Two was characteristically tight-lipped, Morris speculated several reasons for the move. The first is that Take-Two has taken a P.R. as well as financial beating lately over edgy game content, in particular the Hot Coffee scandal surrounding GTA San Andrea. It's very possible that the certain public outcry over a drug-dealing game might have been enough to make T2 rethink its marketing strategy and game catalog.
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Editorial Roundup: Oklahoma Paper Slams New Video Game Law

"It won't work."

So says the editorial board of the Muskogee Phoenix about Oklahoma's new video game statute.

As reported on GamePolitics, Gov. Brad Henry signed HB3004 into law earlier this month. The video game industry filed suit against the Oklahoma bill on Friday, just two days after the Phoenix ripped the measure, saying, "Oklahoma's new law that prevents the sale of violent video games and material to minors is an example of the state trying to micromanage morality, not violence."

"It won't work," the Phoenix continued, "and it doesn't address the problems we have with violent behavior in the United States. It's simply another law that police will have to enforce without offering additional resources to law enforcement to do the job."
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