June 13th, 2006

ESA's Lowenstein Vows to Fight Oklahoma Video Game Law

Last Friday, GamePolitics was first with the news that Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry (D) had signed his state's video game legislation into law.

The new statute is scheduled to take effect on November 1st and classifies violent video games as "harmful to minors," just like, say, hardcore pornography. Thanks to an unusual amendment in the Oklahoma Senate, the measure also includes unrelated language regarding signage around strip clubs and adult book stores.

As expected, ESA president Doug Lowenstein has issued a statement which signals the video game industry's intent to wage First Amendment war against Oklahoma's new law. Here is Doug's statement, in part:

"The ESA is deeply disappointed by the actions of the Oklahoma Legislature. We believe HB 3400 will restrict the First Amendment rights of Oklahoma's citizens, and intend to file suit in Oklahoma federal district court shortly, asking that the state's new video game law be overturned..."
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Salt Lake City TV News Chokes on Hot Coffee Story

KUTV-2 News in Salt Lake City might have won an award for its Hot Coffee coverage - if it ran at this time last year.

The station's consumer reporter, Bill Gephardt, did a story yesterday on the FTC's recent ruling in the Hot Coffee investigation.

So far, so good, except Gephardt's report makes it sound like Hot Coffee is happening now, instead of last summer. Check out these lines from Gephardt's story, and note the continual use of the present and future (but never past) tenses.

News anchor Mark Koelbel starts the story on its downhill slide when he intros Gephardt with, "Bill Gephardt is here and he says there is a loophole in a kid's game that could actually allow players to see... porn?"
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