May 14th, 2006

SF Chronicle Endorses Yee Opponent in State Senate Primary

It's been a rough weekend for California Assembly Speaker Leland Yee (D).

Although no ruling has been yet issued by Federal District Court Judge Ronald Whyte, early indications are that California's video game law, which Yee championed, did not fare well during final arguments on its constitutionality in a San Jose courtroom on Friday.

Today, the respected San Francisco Chronicle endorsed Yee's opponent Mike Nevin for State Senate in California's June 6th Democratic primary.

Although crediting Yee with being "attentive to constituent concerns," and calling his video game bill "worthy," the Chronicle cited what it called Yee's "troubling tendency to do the wrong thing, for the wrong reasons, when he thinks no one is paying attention."

Citing concern over a pair of environmental cases in which Yee cast questionable votes, the Chronicle notes, "In both of these cases, campaign contributions from the affected interests soon landed in Yee's war chest."
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Pixelante Shirts Make the Scene at E3

Pixelante shirts are everywhere these days, including at the industry's big dance, the E3 Expo.

Here we see GP reader DanZuke showing off his Pixelante style while trying out Nintendo's amazing new Wii system.

What game are you playing there, Dan? The new The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess ??

Although we don't have direct link anymore, you can still get your own Pixelante shirt (they come in many styles and colors) right here.

All proceeds, of course, go to the Get-Well Gamers Foundation.

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