May 12th, 2006

E3's Media Booby Prize Goes to....

E3 is a sea of humanity, a fair percentage of which is comprised by online media. The quality of the journalism may be somewhat uneven, but the standard of behavior is usually pretty good. That's why GP feels moved to point out the antics of a media-credentialed pair from Destructoid, a game blog which describes itself as "hardcore."

When these two showed up at ESA boss Doug Lowenstein's E3 keynote, one was wearing a robot head mask. At least, I'm pretty sure that wasn't his real cranium. Okay, that was cute, and flashes popped around the theater while people took his picture as he sat in the crowd before the keynote started.

After the ESA president's speech, Doug was gracious enough to stay around and take questions from the media. 99% percent of the keynote attendees disregarded the opportunity, heading straight for the breakfast table instead. But a few of us, including Dean Takahashi of the San Jose Mercury-News and GP, clustered around Doug for the chance to have some on-the-record Q&A with the industry's point man.

Mr. Roboto stayed too, apparently hoping to ask Lowenstein a question about the high price of the PS3.
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