February 11th, 2006

Swag Package Heading to Super Bowl Contest Winner

You like swag? We've got swag...

GP is sending a semi-deluxe swag package to tsaul, winner of out Super Bowl contest.

So what's he getting? A PS2 NFL Control Pad in Pittsburgh Steelers black and yellow with official logos (we sure hope you have a PS2, tsaul). Also, a car air freshener from The Simpsons Hit and Run .... and a calendar from PopCap Games, publishers of Bejeweled 2.


Game Biz Like the Porn Biz, But Without the Money Shot.

Porn, porn, pr0n.

Got your attention? According to Gamespot, it's the one word that catches a geek's attention faster than "games". It's also a term God of War director David Jaffe (left) used to explain the dilemma he sees the game industry facing. David was speaking at the "Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain" (DICE) convention in Las Vegas this week.

Now before you go trilling "there's no pr0n in mainstream games!", that's not quite what he meant. While David definitely used a poor choice of similes, he was attempting to illustrate a problem he saw building within the game biz. "We have an industry filled with craftspeople that make compelling content... but we don't have a lot of writers and directors who bring creativity to the process."

Speaking about the game-art contest Into the Pixel, he rhetorically asked "Can we marry that creativity with the more soulless games which do really well?"

David also targeted the flaccid tendency of modern games to emulate movies. "Why is it that every game pitch I hear these days wants to be like a movie. Why don't video games embrace game language? Why film language? ... I understand film is glamorous, I understand the making of films is glamorous. But the reality is I think that thinking is hurting the industry." He especially disliked games that try to be too cinematic, although he conceded that movies do provide inspiration for games. He would rather though, that the experience be duplicated, not the movie itself.
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Latest GamePolitics Poll: NYC Mayor Good Manager or Heartless SOB?

This morning's GamePolitics coverage includes the story of a low-level New York City employee fired by billionaire Big Apple Mayor Michael Bloomberg simply for having Solitaire running on his PC.

Was Bloomberg right, or simply heartless?

Vote on this important issue in the latest GamePolitics poll. We'll send the results to the Mayor's office.

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Billionaire NYC Mayor Fires $27K Worker over Solitaire Game

Take your pick.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is either:

a.) really interested in motivating city workers to be productive

b.) a hard-hearted, rich guy SOB

Either way, it's a good bet that Bloomberg doesn't have much time for video games. GP readers may recall the mayor's failed campaign against Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. Now comes word from the Associated Press that Bloomberg unceremoniously axed a low-level city office worker after he noticed Solitaire running on the man's computer screen.

The Republican mayor was visiting the Big Apple's legislative office in Albany recently, schmoozing with the worker bees and posing for pictures. While working the room, Bloomberg saw the ubiquitous card game on office assistant Edward Greenwood IX's PC.

Bloomberg said nothing, and posed for a picture with Greenwood. Later, hizzoner had an aide terminate the unfortunate bureaucrat from his $27,000 job.
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