February 10th, 2006

Jack Thompson Launches a New Web Site

Frustrated with his frequent posting of press releases in GP's comments section, we've been telling Jack Thompson he needs his own blog for quite some time.

Perhaps he is finally heeding our advice.

In a post on GP yesterday, the anti-game attorney revealed his new web site, JackandGoliath.com. It's not up yet, but here's what Thompson had to say about it:

"Jack Thompson Is Most Pleased to Announce... my new Internet web site which will be used to dismantle, further than it already is, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc."

"The new site is www.jackandgoliath.com. Hooah! For the significance of the site's name, please read 1 Samuel 17: 1-58. It will do you gamers good to read it. The good guys are winning here and you're not. The good guys always eventually win...

Yeah, whatever, Jack.
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Healthcare File: West Virginia Turns to DDR to Combat Child Obesity

Polka Polka Revolution just wouldn't have the same appeal.

The state of West Virginia has entered into a three-year partnership with Konami in an effort to combat childhood obesity. By 2008 the console version of arcade favorite Dance Dance Revolution will be used in all seven hundred and fifty plus public schools as a supplement to existing physical and health education classes. Each school will receive a $740 package including one console, two metal dance pads, and a copy of the game.

How will classes function with thirty students and only two dance pads? Simple. Students will form a line behind each pad and take turns. Those in line will be encouraged to dance while they wait.

No doubt a lot of kids will find a popular video game more appealing than the run-of-the-mill gym class but just how effective an exercise routine does DDR provide? A Los Angeles Times editorial refers to a study at Penn State that "invited 35 8- to 14 year-old kids to play the game for up to 45 minutes. All but two played for the full time period, driving their heart rates up to 145 beats per minute - "a darn good workout," the kinesiologist in charge said.

The West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency and Mountain State Blue Cross Blue Shield have already committed to help fund the project which will cost the state half a million dollars. Konami has agreed to kick in $75,000 to help get the program off the ground.

AE: There's always the concern that students will go straight from a workout to the cafeteria and order pizza, french fries, a piece of cake, and some chocolate milk. Hopefully West Virginia schools are mindful of their menus as well as their games.

-Andrew Eisen

Yee Camp Responds to Opponent's Swipe at Video Game Legislation

Last week GamePolitics reported on remarks made by 77-year-old Lou Papan, who is campaigning against Leland Yee for a spot in the California State Senate.

Papan took a shot at Yee's highly-publicized game legislation, telling the San Mateo Daily Journal, "Quite frankly, video games aren't the most pressing issue in Sacramento right now."

Yee spokesman Adam Keigwin was quick to respond to Papan's attack on Yee's relevance, telling GamePolitics, "Clearly, Assemblymember Yee has been working on a number of issues besides protecting children from violent video games. In fact, he has passed 52 pieces of legislation in just 3 years, of which 38 have been chaptered into law under Governors Schwarzenegger and Davis."
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