February 4th, 2006

We Want Answers Department: Street Racing

CNN reports on a horrific car crash that took place in Los Angeles yesterday. Two cars were apparently street racing when one lost control and crash into a health clinic, injuring 13 people.

Readers no doubt recall last weeks fatal crash in Toronto, in which Need For Speed was blamed after a copy was found in one of the vehicles involved.

So why isn't Need For Speed being blamed in Los Angeles? Is it because the driver was 33, and not 18? Or because a copy of the game wasn't found on the front seat? Or because authorities there realize that street racing has been going on since the automobile was invented?

Kotaku, by the way, has an interesting piece about the Toronto Sun's sensationalized coverage of the game's supposed link to the crash.

Also on Kotaku, one gamer's e-mail battle with the Sun over their coverage of the crash.