January 7th, 2006

Jack Thompson's New Web Site Has a New Target...

Jack Thompson's well-known Stopkill.com website is apparently kaput.

Several readers have e-mailed GamePolitics recently to point out that Thompson's former domain, well-known for its targeting of the video game industry, is now up for grabs. Did Jack tire of "Shoot hoops, not humans..." and similar rhetoric on Stopkill?

That's unknown. What we do know, courtesy of an e-mail sent out today by the controversial Miami attorney, is that his new presence on the web heralds a looming all-out war with the Florida Bar Association. Thompson has, late this afternoon, unveiled www.theflabar.org, in which he lashes out at the professional licensing body on a number of fronts

Why? That's not completely clear, but Thompson has a long history of contentious relations with the Bar, including an early 90's lawsuit in which he received a reported $20,000 settlement.

What is clear is that a disciplinary committee of the Florida Bar has an investigation of Thompson underway. A recent GamePolitics exclusive report broke the story of the Bar's disciplinary investigation of Thompson's professional activities in relation to an Alabama case, Strickland vs. Sony. The wrongful death case against a variety of game industry defendants is based on the so-called "GTA killings" committed by death row inmate Devin Moore in 2003.

In relation to that case, GamePolitics was also first with the news that Thompson had been thrown off Strickland vs. Sony by an Alabama circuit court judge in November after lawyers for the video game industry filed a petition challenging his pro hac vice (visiting) admission to the Alabama Bar.

To be sure, Thompson's stark new site won't win any design awards. But although it's 100% text, the fightin' words contained therein portend what should be a nasty - and entertaining - battle with the Florida Bar. Consider these juicy snippets:

"The Florida Bar, upset with (my) successes, literally tried to pathologize my Christian faith. The Bar failed... The Bar's appalled insurer paid me money damages for this Taliban-like mentality by The Bar. The Bar never got over being hammered by me."
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