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"Outbloking the Blokes" - Shrink Blames Games, TV for Girl Crime Wave

A rising trend of violent crimes committed by teenage girls has officials in New South Wales, Australia looking for causes - and solutions

As reported in the Daily Telegraph, girls are increasingly committing assaults and robberies and bringing weapons to school.

Premier Morris Iemma urged parents to take responsibility for their children, saying "The need to teach respect to young people is not gender specific... it is no longer a case of needing to focus on angry young males. We need strong role models and direction for boys and girls and it needs to start in the home."

Michael Carr-Gregg, a psychologist, claims the girls are trying to "outbloke the blokes" in an effort to win attention from boys.

"If she believes she's in competition with another chick for a guy's affections, she'll resort to violence for male attention by adopting more overtly aggressive behaviour," Carr-Gregg said. He also blamed violent video games, reality TV and rock videos.

"Young people, if they don't have good role models, will allow Hollywood educate them about what it means to be male or female," he told the newspaper. "Many of our kids are growing in a psychological wasteland... it's teaching kids the only way to solve problems is through violence."

The report notes that there is little actual research into the extent and nature of the female violence issue in Australia.

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