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New Game Designed Around Jack Thompson's "Modest Proposal"

Last year's so-called "modest proposal" by Jack Thompson sparked a firestorm of controversy that culminated in the Miami attorney filing a complaint against Penny Arcade with the Seattle Field Office of the F.B.I. (that complaint went into the circular file, by the way).

Now comes an entirely new PC game based on the Modest Propospal fiasco. Published by a team calling itself Thompsonsoft (we're pretty sure Jack isn't involved), the game is I'm O.K. - A Murder Simulator.

"I'm O.K." features SNES-style graphics and gameplay. There's even a judge who looks a little like Mario.

So who are the designers? The website says, "Consisting of 3 alcoholics and a foreign exchange student, Thompsonsoft is a new game company formed around the singular idea that Jack Thompson is the most brilliant game designer in the universe... Our first title, "I'm OK", is based on Jack's masterful design from "A Modest Video Game Proposal" and it's a murder simulator so cruel, so bloodthirsty, so horrifyingly violent that it makes Grand Theft Auto seem like Sunday Funday."

"How does one explain why, in a world overflowing with disease, war, and other horrifying realities, a man would spend 18 years crusading against video games? Easy. You say that it's the most extensive, ingenious marketing campaign for a video game in the history of MAN.

Features of "I'm O.K." include: 7 unique weapons including uzis, shotguns, rocket launchers, and a baseball bat and something called the Realistic Urine Engine (R.U.E.).

It's all tongue-in-cheek of course. Thompson's reaction will be interesting, since the game closely follows the design he laid down in his Modest Proposal. Can he complain about his own script?


UPDATE: Read the full text of Jack Thompson's Modest Proposal in MS Word format.

UPDATE, II: Jack posted his thoughts about the game here in GP's comments section.

UPDATE, III: "I'm O.K." is now officially an international sensation, being reported on a Swedish game site.

UPDATE, IV: It seems that the Thompsonsoft site listed above is now down, with a mention that some pressure may have been applied to the hosting company.

Tags: jack thompson, modest proposal, parody, penny arcade, thompsonsoft, violence

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