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Will North Carolina, Connecticut Join L.A. in Suing Take Two?

By way of Kotaku comes word that state attorney generals in North Carolina and Connecticut have requested records and information from Take Two relating to the Hot Coffee scandal.

The information is contained in the company's annual report, which was filed yesterday with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is available online.

While no suits have been filed by North Carolina or Connecticut, such action seems possible, perhaps even likely, given the request for records.

State-level video game legislation sponsored by Sen. Julia Boseman came close to passage in North Carolina last year. Connecticut, of course, is the home state of U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman, a longtime watchdog of the video game industry. In addition, a Federal Trade Commission investigation of Hot Coffee has been ongoing since last July.

But the revelations concerning North Carolina and Connecticut aren't the only juicy bits in the annual report. Under the heading "Legal Proceedings," are listed the following:

- four class-action suits over Hot Coffee: two in New York state, one in Illinois, and one in Pennsylvania. As described by Take Two's annual report, "The complaints seek unspecified damages, declarations of various violations of law and litigation costs. We believe that these complaints are without merit and we intend to vigorously defend and seek dismissals of these actions."

- Strickland vs. Sony, the well-known Alabama GTA Cop Killer case. "The company's motion to dismiss the action was denied and the company moved to have certain issues certified for an immediate interlocutory appeal before the Alabama Supreme Court."

- "We have been advised that a purported class action has been filed in the Southern District of New York on behalf of St. Clair Shore General Employees Retirement System and other similarly situated plaintiffs against the company and certain individuals alleging violations of the Securities Exchange Act regarding purported breaches of fiduciary duty and illegal insider trading. We have not been served in the action and not yet obtained or reviewed a copy of the complaint. "

- "In January 2006, a proceeding was commenced in Delaware Chancery Court ( Veek v. Take Two Interactive Software, Inc.) seeking to compel the company to produce certain books and records pursuant to Section 220 of Delaware Corporation Law in connection with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas."

GP: Wow. Looks like Take Two may be in legal free-fall. Stay tuned.

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