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Kansas "Partnership with Families" Includes Video Game Legislation

Master Chief, we're not allowed in Kansas any more - maybe.

As reported recently by GamePolitics, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, a Democrat, promised during her State of the State address to assist parents by "giving them access to tools" which included "limits on access to violent video games."

While Sibelius didn't specify her intentions, the implication was clear: another round of video game legislation. GamePolitics, of course, is tracking the story. Yesterday, the other shoe dropped.

As reported by the Kansas City Star, State House Democrats unveiled a "Partnership with Families" plan including legislation that would make it a misdemeanor to sell violent or sexually explicit video games to minors.

There's more about the Kansas Dems' plan on the party's website, including the upcoming bill's title, "The Child Protection from Violent Video Games Act."

Also - just like the dirty magazines at your local convenience store - the proposed legislation would require those violent games or sexually explicit games to be kept behind the counter at retailers. Once again we see games equated with porn.

GP: While the legislation seems doomed to go down the same path as previous bills, we like the blog format on the Kansas Democratic Party's website, which even allows comment.

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