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Thompson Complaints Piling Up with Florida Bar Association

Jack Thompson is certainly keeping the Florida Bar Association busy these days.

Based on information contained in a letter to the Bar's board of governors, copies of which Thompson e-mailed to various media outlets, yet another formal disciplinary complaint has been filed against the outspoken critic of the video game industry. The new complaint has been confirmed by an official of the Florida Bar.

The latest complaint was filed by Philadelphia law firm Blank Rome, a near-daily target of Thompson's e-mail vitriol. According to Thompson's e-mail, "My lawyer and I just received word from The Florida Bar that Blank Rome has just filed a Bar complaint against me. Ah, how stupid can one bunch of porn lawyers get?"

The "porn" reference refers to Blank Rome's representation of Take Two and Rockstar, other favorite targets of the Miami attorney.

Another Thompson e-mail to Bar counsel Barnaby Lee Min makes reference to Blank Rome's filing as "the third Bar complaint." As GamePolitics reported in late December, the Bar is already looking into Thompson's conduct in the Alabama video game case Strickland vs. Sony.

GamePolitics has confirmed with an official of the Florida Bar that three separate Thompson complaints are now under investigation: the latest Blank-Rome complaint, the Alabama Bar's complaint, and a matter involving shock jock Howard Stern. The official refused to speculate on when the investigations might be completed.

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