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Prof: Video Game Degrees Kidnap American Education

University degree programs in video game design are "kidnapping American education."

So says Ted Rueter, a political science professor at DePauw University. In an op-ed piece for College News, Rueter laments the proliferation of game design programs at schools such as USC, Carnegie-Mellon, Georgia Tech and others. More than 100 colleges and universities in North America now offer degrees in gaming.

Rueter sees college video game design programs as "yet another sign of the coming of the apocalypse. Schools of higher learning are simply cashing in on a fad that is destructive to society."

Rueter's gripe? Game violence, primarily.

GP's gripe? Rueter's flimsy data.

He cites one study that is 12-years-old. He also references Iowa State University professor Craig Anderson, whose conclusions on game violence were eviscerated by U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Kennelly as recently as last Friday.

Rueter also vents about supposed sexism in Nintendo titles, writing, "In Nintendo games, women are often depicted as victims. The covers of Nintendo games show males striking a dominant pose. Many games are based upon a scenario in which a woman is kidnapped or has to be rescued."

The prof offers no evidence to back up this claim, which, frankly, leaves us baffled.

Rueter's conclusion?

"Offering degrees in video game design is to kidnap American education. Higher education needs to be rescued from such destructive nonsense."

Tags: academia, nintendo, rueter, sexism, violence

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