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Brit MP Keeps Pushing Bully Around

When it is released next year, Rockstar's upcoming Bully can expect a bit of a beating from British Labour MP Keith Vaz.

Vaz, whose opposition to the game has been chronicled previously on GamePolitics, continues to pursue the matter. Yesterday, he pressed Parliamentary Secretary Nigel Griffiths for a debate on regulation of the video game industry, and asked whether Griffiths was aware of Vaz motion to ban Bully in the U.K.

"If my honorable Friend has seen the motion," Vaz said, "He will know that Rockstar has decided to publish a game called 'Bully,' and that a central character is someone called Jimmy Hopkins. Players will be given points as the character terrorizes other schoolchildren psychologically. Given the rise of bullying, I believe that the video should be banned. May we have a debate so that we can hear the Government's view?"

Griffiths replied, "My honorabale friend is right to raise the continuing concern about the matter. While I cannot offer him a debate, I shall certainly ensure that the Minister responsible for such matters is aware of the concern."

Stay tuned. The Bully debate is sure to loom large in both the U.K. and USA in 2006.

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