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How To Book Jack Thompson On Your Radio Talk Show

"If Consumer Advocate/Author Jack Thompson has his way, violent video games will be extinct altogether."

So says a listing for the controversial Miami attorney on Special Guests, a website designed to help talk show hosts locate guests for their programs. The site provides a biographical sketch of Thompson (did you know he was a classmate of Al Gore at Vanderbilt Law School?), as well as suggested interview questions.

The Special Guests service apparently charges a fee to list would-be talk show guests. Its available interview subjects appear to have a generally conservative outlook. Of course, talk radio is a generally conservative form of media.

Thompson's listing appears to be timed to help promote his new book, Out of Harm's Way, currently the 44,355th best-selling book on Amazon. The lead paragraph in Thompson's Special Guests profile reads:


Latest Generation of Video Games for Children - Available for Christmas!

Violent Rape - is now legal. Violent Mass Murder - is now legal. So, how do we join the "fun"?

Easy: Just buy one of the latest generation video games on store shelves now - but hurry; they're going fast - really fast.

And if Consumer Advocate/Author Jack Thompson has his way, violent video games will be go
(sic) extinct altogether.

Ed: Here at GP we are having a spot of trouble reconciling that "extinct
altogether" line with Thompson's insistence that "My only position for six years on this has been: Mature games must not be sold to minors. That is my only position."

Suggested Thompson interview questions listed at Special Guests include:

- Can video games really permanently alter a persons brain?

- Aren't Republicans supposed to be opposed to more government regulating our lives?

- Where does your regulation end? Aren't you putting us on a slippery slope of censorship?

- What are some of the video game companies that you believe are acting irresponsibly?

- With the holiday buying season coming around, what games should parents buy for kids?

Thanks to GP reader Stephen Jacobs for for letting us know about the Special Guests listing! Stephen is an Assistant Professor in the Information Technology Department, Rochester Institute of Technology. He teaches graduate level game and online community courses.

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