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Random Thoughts on Jack Thompson's Book

First, let me say that this is not a review - GP will leave that task to others. But I did get a pretty long look at Jack Thompson's new book over the last couple of days. Here are some random thoughts:

Out of Harm's Way is nicely bound, if those kind of things are important to you. Good quality paper, including heavy-grade black pages between the covers and the main body of the book.

Nothing is really mentioned about video game issues until about halfway through the book, when Jack is drawn into the Paducah school shooting case. There are chapters concerning Howard Stern, Ollie North, 2 Live Crew, and the Fayette, Alabama GTA triple murder. The author's strong conservative religious leanings are firmly in evidence throughout.

Jack seems quite impressed with fellow game violence critic Col. Dave Grossman. Reading his descriptions of conversations he had with Grossman made GP think back to a few occasions when, posting here at GamePolitics, Jack has ended his messages with the Army Ranger "hoo-ah!" After reading the Grossman quotes in the book, GP guesses that JT may have picked this up from the former Army officer, who seems to end every sentence with it.

Finally, Out of Harm's Way wraps up with a chapter titled "25 Culture War Tips From the Trenches." These include things like: "Make Friends," "Remember That It's Not About You," "Pick Fights You Can Win," "Be Mean," "Take the Offensive," "Set a Deadline," "Use the Media to Your Advantage," "Trust No One," and "Don't Be Afraid to Go It Alone."

Jack manages to squeeze in a few words about Hot Coffee, Bully and The Warriors in the last couple of pages. GamePolitics did not come in for a mention. Oh well, maybe in the sequel...

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