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Jack Thompson vs. ?

Jack Thompson has a new book. Maybe you heard...

Out of Harm's Way is currently available on as well as other booksellers. GP can't comment on the tome's quality, since our copy hasn't yet arrived. It is pretty clear, however, that the book's early days have been plagued by bad Amazon reviews. It's possible - likely? - that many of the "reviewers" are reviewing the author, not his work. Most of the reviews have been of the one-star (out of five) variety, accompanied by negative, even nasty commentary about Thompson himself.

Out of Harm's Way has likewise been plagued with a slew of negative tags on Amazon, as well as linkage with books on gay erotica, presumably caused by mischevous back-and-forth clicking between Thompson's book and various sex manuals offered for sale by Amazon.

GP spoke with the controversial attorney about the book situation earlier in the week. At that time, Thompson blamed the bad write-ups on "pixelantes" (Thompson's term for gamers), and expressed the opinion that the reviews violated Amazon's terms of service. An exchange of e-mails that Thompson shared with GP today indicates how frustrating the situation has become for the outspoken Miami attorney.

First, there's this one from Amazon to Thompson:

"Thank you for writing to to bring these reviews to our attention. Please rest assured that these comments have been removed from our database and will disappear from the web site within 48 hours.

In the future, please report any review that you find inappropriate by clicking on the "report this" link.

We do exert some editorial control over our customer reviews and strive to block these kinds of reviews. Our intention is to make the customer review forum a place for constructive commentary and feedback, so reviews that fall outside these guidelines are either edited for compliance or are removed from the web site. does not tolerate profane or spurious customer reviews.

Again, I apologize for this situation and I'd like to thank you for taking the time to let us know. Feedback from conscientious individuals such as yourself helps us maintain the quality and integrity of our site...

Thompson replied to Amazon as follows:

"I have found that the offending reviews are still up at your site, but I find, interestingly, that a review by someone calling himself "Bushsupporter" who gave my book, Out of Harm's Way, four stars and a favorable review, has been removed from the site. Curious.

I have just checked at approximately 1:30pm Saturday, November 19, and I find at least 33 negative reviews that violate your own rules. In fact, more of them have been posted AFTER you sent me the below email promising they would be blocked.

If these ALL of these reviews which violate your own "review rules" are not down from your site by 7:16 pm Sunday, November 20, then I shall have to proceed accordingly...

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