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Jack Thompson Responds to Alabama Judge in GTA Lawsuit

Controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson wasted no time in responding to Alabama Circuit Court Judge James Moore's request for opinions on defense motions to dismiss Strickland vs. Sony as well as to have Thompson removed from the case.

During Thursday's hearing in Fayette County, Alabama, Blank Rome attorney Jim Smith, representing video game industry clients, raised a variety of ethical and procedural issues regarding Thompson's history, conduct and high profile with the media. This morning Thompson forwarded a written response to Judge Moore. GamePolitics has obtained a copy from the self-described "anti-game crusader."

In his response, Thompson denies that his media appearances are unethical. Instead, he paints Blank Rome as a politically shady, big-money law firm protecting the interests of what he refers to as the "pornographic sectors of the video game industry whom Mr. Smith so ably represents at probably $500 an hour."

Doubtless believing that the best defense is a good offense, Thompson calls on Judge Moore to remove Smith from the case and report the Blank Rome attorney to the Pennsylvania Bar, alleging, "He lied, to your face."

While the defense team has filed objections to Thompson's steady stream of press releases, Thompson frames these in terms of public health and safety.

"Judge Moore, I have, in compliance with Rule 3.6 (Alabama Code of Professional Responsibility), warned the public of the danger posed by these games, according to the concerns of most everyone except Take-Two/Rockstar and Blank Rome."

Thompson squeezes in a mention of his soon-to-be-released book, which apparently came up during Thursday's hearing in Alabama.

"I have an entire chapter in my book Out of Harm's Way, which I flashed in the courtroom, that deals with just this topic - how corporate interests have stolen the social conservative agenda of the GOP, and it was when this lone chapter was pitched to Tyndale House at the annual Christian Bookseller's Convention over eighteen months ago that Tyndale House decided to contract with me to publish the book. Do I have to take that chapter out of the book because Mr. Smith finds it inconvenient?"

It is unclear whether Thompson plans to file additional responses with the Fayette County Court. The full text of his letter is available here.

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