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EDITORIAL: NIMF's David Walsh Nailed It Regarding Thompson

Timing is everything - and scribe Aaron McKenna's could hardly be worse.

"In Defence of Jack Thompson" ran in the online pub TG Daily yesterday, just 24 hours after Dr. David Walsh (left) of the National Institute for Media and the Family showed Thompson's behavior to be indefensible.

In a two-page letter published exclusively in Friday's edition of GamePolitics, Walsh disavowed Thompson, excoriating the self-described "anti-game crusader" for "extreme hyperbole and... personally attacking individuals..."

Now, GP is not one to kick a person while they're down, but Thompson's stock has never been lower, and deservedly so.

The bottom line? NIMF's David Walsh got this one right.

Walsh said exactly what needed to be said, and he was exactly the right person to say it. Gamers and gaming publications, of course, have long parried with Thompson. But it took a highly respected member of what some might term "the other side" of the game content debate to bring a measure of civility back to the equation.

Thompson's insults, volatility, and bully tactics are hard to fathom. His act is not only ineffective, it's counter-productive, as David Walsh clearly recognized. Calling for the arrest of Bill Gates... demonizing the ESA's Doug Lowenstein... publicly announcing a dubious Florida policy initiative without consulting Jeb Bush... Trashing a beloved game franchise like The Sims on the flimsiest basis... Insulting gamers, the gaming press and mainstream journalists...

Is that how grown-ups get things done?

Jack's volumes of outrageous comments and trail of burned bridges have essentially left him an island unto himself. What are the chances Jeb Bush will call on him after the recent video game law fiasco? Will Hillary Clinton ever again ask him for input after he publicly trashed her? And of course it's clear that he won't be on the guest list for this year's NIMF Christmas party.

All of the above is not to say that Jack Thompson never has a valid point. But his message was long ago obscured in a vitriolic cloud of his own creation.

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