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Chinese WoW Gamers Protest MMO Limit

Chinese World of Warcraft fans aren't going to take a government-imposed time limit lying down.

As widely reported last week, the People's Republic of China is implementing a 3-hour time limit for online games. The action is supposedly designed to prevent gaming addiction. Interfax is reporting today, however, that Chinese WoW players have begun an Internet petition drive to protest the government action.

"These restrictions violate the rights of online game players," one Chinese player wrote on the petition. "Trying to prevent young players from being addicted is good, but this new system will be a total failure."

As of Monday, over 1,000 Chinese gamers had signed the petition. The petition is hosted on the World of Warcraft Chinese portal, operated by The9, which also operates the Chinese version of WoW. It is unclear whether the creators of the petition plan to send it on to the Chinese government. A link to the petition reported by Interfax was not reachable this evening. It is unclear whether the petition is still up and running.

Interfax also reports that players are investigating counter measures to circumvent the impact of the new time limits, including the use of multiple accounts.

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