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Hot Coffee Mod Creator Vindicated, Eyes Return to Normal Life

Dutch GTA modder Patrick Wildenborg, who became an overnight celebrity thanks to the intense media coverage that the Hot Coffee story has received in recent weeks, told GamePolitics in an e-mail that he feels vindicated by the revelation that the code for the sex animations is present on the un-moddable PlayStation 2 version of GTA: San Andreas. Wildenborg is looking forward to stepping out of the spotlight.

"I knew the truth all along, and I was convinced that it would come out sooner or later," he said.

"Where am I to go? I hope my personal life will return to normallity soon, and than I'll be able to pickup my GTA-modding hobby again."

"As a (late) reaction to R*'s statement," Wildenborg continued, "I would like to point to this statement: Written by Illspirit, one of the most prominent members of the GTA modding scene, which happens to be an online friend. I fully agree with his point of view on the R* statement."

While Patrick's 15 minutes of fame may be coming to an end, he has earned a lasting place in the history of game modding. But beyond his technical skills, Patrick impressed GamePolitics and other observers by never wavering despite the glare of intense scrutiny.

The pressure on Patrick must have been incredible, given the fact that major media outlets like ABC News and the Associated Press were after him for quotes and on-camera interviews. There is little doubt that other interested parties with a stake in the Hot Coffee issue may have tried to reach out to the GTA modder as well. Jack Thompson, for example, requested Patrick's contact information from GamePolitics just after the story broke - and was turned down flat.

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