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GTA Mod Community Skeptical of Rockstar's Hot Coffee Denial

Earlier this week Rockstar issued a carefully-worded denial that it is responsible for the graphic sex animations contained in the now-infamous Hot Coffee mod.

But a perusal of at least one hobbyist message board indicates that the mod community, which includes some of Rockstar's biggest fans, isn't buying what the GTA series developer is selling. At GTA Forums, a gathering place for devotees of the best-selling games, there is an ongoing discussion thread entitled "Rockstar is lying to the public about Hot Coffee."

The thread was started yesterday by a GTA Forums user named "drownage," who opened the discussion by saying, "They are selling out their fans. They are saying all this code has been changed around when all you need is the sacensor file which is 41KB in size to change the censor flag. Does Rockstar think we don't know? Do they think everyone in the world are morons?

"thoughtcrime" responds by rationalizing Rockstar's comments: "They aren't "selling us out"... they are not only saving their own asses but also if they say it was not included in the game, they will be able to continue selling the game under its current rating. "

"Fragger" chimes in with "Well, they're saying that "Hot coffee" adds the games and that they know nothing about them. So I guess the nude skins in the DVD were put there by "Hot coffee" too. I see a new version coming out without the adult content and an apology issued, but not until they meet their marketing goals. "

"HunterY" adds, "That settles it. We changed the code. Rockstar disabled the minigame and we were not supose to be able to play it. Case closed. "

"mikeswi" follows with this strong opinion, "They're walking a very fine line with semantics. Sort of like Bill Clinton quibbling about the defintion of "is". They put it in the game, probably as a joke while they were still coding it, then disabled it instead of removing it entirely when they finished it up. They HAD to realize that people routinely hack at GTA code in order to make mods and find cheat codes and for other reasons. They HAD to realize someone would find this. Now that it has become an embarrasment, they're trying to cover their asses."

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