Game Politics (gamepolitics) wrote,
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Breaking News: Alabama Judge Tells Jack Thompson to Shut up.

It's every gamer's fantasy, but someone finally told game-bashing attorney Jack Thompson to be quiet.

The Associated Press reports that at a hearing yesterday, Fayette County Circuit Judge James Moore warned Thompson and other attorneys not to discuss their case with the media, lest pre-trial publicity surrounding Thompson's Grand Theft Auto lawsuit influence the August 25th triple murder trial of defendant Devin Thompson.

Judge Moore, who is presiding over both the civil and criminal cases, raised the issue after displaying a press release issued by Miami attorney Jack Thompson, well-known critic of video game violence. Thompson is representing the families of two of Devin Thompson's victims, a police officer and a police dispatcher. The attorney's contention is that the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas caused Devin Thompson to commit the murders. In recent days attorney Thompson has discussed the case on 60 Minutes and on CNN's Nancy Grace program.

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