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Louisiana's OTHER Video Game Law Takes Effect Today

As of today, a new Louisiana law goes into effect making it illegal to distribute sexually explicit video games to minors.

While in theory that is a good thing, the reality is that there aren't any sexually-explicit games available, at least none distributed by the game publishers and retailers generally thought of as the "video game industry."

Nonetheless, SB340, sponsored by State Sen. James David Cain (R) and signed into law by Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco (D, seen at left), is now law.

As previously reported on GamePolitics, the measure enjoys the full support of the industry. That's not really surprising, given that it replicates existing obscenity statutes and has no applicability to any games published by ESA member companies or rated by the ESRB.

Meanwhile, the battle still rages over Louisiana's video game violence law, currently on hold due to a temporary restraining order issued by Federal District Court Judge James Brady.

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