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Do Video Games Promote Racist Stereotypes?

A Canadian researcher questions whether some popular video games encourage negative racial stereotypes.

According to AFP, Robert Parungao researched the issue at the University of British Columbia. Parungao looked at Kung Fu, Warcraft III, Shadow Warrior and Grand Theft Auto III.

A press release on the university's website reports that Parungao spent 100 hours playing the four games during an eight-month research period.

A gamer himself, Parungao noted that the games all feature non-white villains who "function as narrative obstacles to be overcome, mastered or ultimately blown to smithereens by the white hero."

Parungao also points to a "grab bag" of Asian stereotypes which he says are employed by game designers.

"The villain in Shadow Warrior goes by a Chinese name, Lo Wang. But when he fires his rocket launcher at his enemies, he screams 'just like Hiroshima.'"
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