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Clinton, Lieberman Frustrate Columnist

Mike Antonucci aka "Nooch" is a longtime journalist for the San Jose Mercury-News. Along with colleague Dean Takahashi, author of The Xbox 360 Uncloaked, Mike is also one-half of the paper's Dean & Nooch gaming blog.

Writing earlier this week in the blog, Antonucci complained that his requests for comment on video game issues were pointedly ignored by the offices of U.S. Senators Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Joe Lieberman (D-CT). Both are high-profile critics of games as well as co-sponsors of the Family Entertainment Protection Act, video game legislation currently before the Senate.

Nooch's frustration with being blown off is written in the style of a rant, but he makes his point rather well:

"Earlier this month, I made repeated phone calls to the press reps for Senators Joe Lieberman and Hillary Rodham Clinton, seeking comment on various video-game issues that have gotten them on their high horse..."

"No calls were returned... This is an example of why the public has so little respect for so many politicians. There's nothing more shameful than the one-way-street style exemplified by Lieberman and Clinton. They love -- LOVE -- using the press to grandstand about game and media issues, but they couldn't care less about responding to questions that are inconvenient..."

"Here's what you can count from these two on video-game issues: Lots of grandstanding and little accountability. They may sound credible at times, but people aren't credible when their follow-up style is duck-and-run.

Wow. Don't hold back, Mike, just say what you really think.

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